Untitled Document
Lake George - Nelson Augustus Moore
Nelson Augustus Moore
"Lake George", 1883
Oil on canvas
10 x 14 inches
Signed and dated lower left
MME Fine Art Enlarge

Private Collection, New York

Moore spent more than twenty summers at Lake George, NY from 1863 to 1888, where he sold many of his paintings and solicited commissions for completion during the winter months. Our painting of Lake George shows Moore’s favorite subject on a blustery day. He creates a sense of wind with the lapping waves and curling bands of white and grey clouds. His composition is interesting, with the large foreground tree used as a dark counterpart to the bright sky rather than as a way to frame the scene. This work reveals Moore’s familiarity with his subject matter; instead of painting a postcard-ready view, he offers us a more comfortable and intimate scene.

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