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Just Before Sunset, Venice (Santa Maria della Salute) - Walter Launt Palmer
Walter Launt Palmer
"Just Before Sunset, Venice (Santa Maria della Salute)"
Oil on canvas
11 7/8 x 8 3/8
Signed lower left
MME Fine Art Enlarge

 Before Palmer gained recognition as the preeminent painter of snow in the 1890s, his paintings of Venice were viewed favorably by New York critics. His talent for capturing the Venetian light gained special notice: one critic applauded his use of “a rosy light which is magnifying, magical and soft.” Just Before Sunset, Santa Maria della Salute is an excellent example of the rosy light that brought him such favorable attention. He focuses his brush on one of Venice’s most stunning churches: the Baroque basilica of Santa Maria [of Health], a church dedicated to healing the Black Plague. Its prominent dome and Baroque architectural details are visible from many spots, but most particularly when entering the Piazza San Marco by sea. The solid structure melts into its own reflection in the water, emphasizing the illusionary quality of the dusk light. Palmer’s depiction captures Venice in just the way tourists like to remember it: an evocative twilight vision of canals and architecture.

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