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Still Life with Peoniies in Two White Vases - Andre  Gisson
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Andre Gisson
"Still Life with Peoniies in Two White Vases"
Oil on canvas
20 x 16 inches
Signed upper left
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Gisson’s still lifes often suggest a Japanese influence, evocative of the Orientalist fads that took hold of Paris at the turn of the century. In our painting, Still Life with Peonies and Two White Vases, the inspiration of the Japanese wood-block print is apparent in the asymmetrical composition, the abbreviated view of the second vase, and colors and patterns that are more simplified and geometric than those of conventional Western floral still lifes. For him, conveying emotion was more important than rendering meticulous details; in this way he arrived at a more individual mode of realism. As Gisson once said, “Flowers for me are a way of feeling certain effects of light and conversely, light is a means for expressing something very personal about the way I experience flowers”.