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Artist Biography

Born in Paris, France in 1804, Victor de Grailly executed many paintings of American scenes, using William Henry Bartlett’s  American Scenery (London, 1840) engravings as a source of inspiration for a subject he truly loved. It is also believed that he came to the United States and visited the Hudson River. De Grailly studied under Victor Bertin, who gave him a neo-classical foundation for his landscapes. As de Grailly’s style developed, he adopted a more romantic approach, though the formal balance and traditional compositions of his neo-classical roots remained. He first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1833 and continued to show his work there until late in his life.

His work is held in the permanent collection of the New York Historical Society and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, NY; the Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD; The White House, Washington, DC; and the West Point Museum, West Point, NY.