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Artist Biography

 Originally from the Philadelphia area, William Lippincott went abroad to further his artistic abilities after initially studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He arrived in Paris in 1874 where he would study for the next eight years under the French artist and teacher, Leon Bonnat. It was from Bonnat that he learned genre painting, the depiction of figures engaged in domestic chores, often in small scale scenes. Bonnat also influenced his handling of paint, which was meant to describe simple forms and heightened by a dark palette and dramatic contrasts.

The "Belle Epoch" era was just beginning as Lippincott was maturing as a young artist, the outstanding leader in this style being James Tissot. The popularity of these artists from the "Belle Epoch" contunues today unabated. Works from this artist's French period are quite rare, though they are readily available for viewing in such esteemed public collections as the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian.Institution, Washington, DC, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts,Philadelphia, PA, and the National Academy of Design, New York.