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Artist Biography

Born in the small town of David City, Nebraska, Dale Nichols would come to interpret his quintessential Midwestern surroundings with unique and extremely talented flair. This decidedly creative soul would receive additional guidance while studying at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the Chicago Art Institute and emerge to wear many productive and accomplished artistic hats including painter, printmaker, illustrator, writer, designer, editor and lecturer.

Like his fellow Midwestern contemporary, Grant Wood, who was also a Chicago Art Institute alumni member, Nichols also depicted his rolling hilled, Nebraska farmlands with fresh, sculpted precision. These earlier examples by Nichols, with their wonderfully evocative light, have become increasingly scarce which makes this striking and rare find all the more exciting. Grant Wood’s iconic painting “Spring Plowing”, 1932, which sold for nearly seven million dollars at Sotheby’s in 2005, displays the similarly undulating hills of Wood’s Iowa countryside and represents a distinctly different yet equally modern vision than that of the Abstract Expressionists.

Dale Nichols was arguably the more consistent painter of the two, which is another reason his paintings represent such tremendous quality and value and why his paintings have become increasingly coveted by collectors in recent years. Each school of American landscape painting imparts a sense of regional pride that when notably successful, translates into a much deeper sense of national pride.