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Artist Biography

Oslo-born Jorgensen emigrated from Norway to San Francisco in 1870. His mother had already recognized his artistic leanings and enrolled him in the newly-opened School of Design in 1874. The school played an important roll in Jorgensen’s life even after he completed his studies: he became an instructor, and went on to become the assistant director in 1881. By this time he was on his way to becoming a well-established landscape painter. He had his own studio and private pupils, and had amassed a collection of watercolor studies and oil paintings of the twenty-one California missions. During his lengthy career Jorgensen spent nearly two decades painting in Yosemite National Park, and traveled to Italy, Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and New England.

Jorgensen’s work is owned and collected by many prominent California institutions, including the Bohemian Club, Yosemite National Park, the Sonoma Mission, and the Oakland Athletic Club.