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Artist Biography

 Marion P. Howard was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1883. She studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Art under such notable artists as William Merritt Chase, Edmund Charles Tarbell, Frank Benson and Philip Leslie Hale. Marion P. Howard later moved from Marlboro, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. from 1917 to 1921 and exhibited in a two-woman show with Mary Rosamond Coolidge (b. 1884) at the Boston City Club.

Howard’s style reveals the strong influence of a previous teacher, Edmond C. Tarbell, in the pastel coloration of the landscape, the soft contours, and thought-provoking mood. So much was Tarbell’s influence, that she became to be known as part of a group of followers named “The Tarbellites,” a group consisting of such notable artists as Frank Benson, Philip and Lilian W. Hale, William and Elizabeth Paxton, Robert Reid, and Joseph DeCamp, among others.

Marion exhibited at the Boston City Club, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 1909, 1910 and 1912, and at the Society of Washington Artists, 1916.

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